About me

Hi. I'm Nimrod Adar (נמרוד אדר), a freelance DevOps engineer, Linux and BSD sysadmin and Python developer working remotely from Zikhron Ya'akov, Israel.

This is my blog about what I do and thus it serves 2 purposes. The 1st is to be my personal journal to document the how or why of some problem solving. The 2nd is more outward facing, for it to be a (by no way complete) resource for others and for me to publish whenever I need to. The other major part of the site is my code repo (click on the "Code" link at the top of the page), where I publish my opensource software.

you can contact me at nimrod@shore.co.il or at 052-8713696 (+972-52-871-3696 outside of Israel), chat with me at @nimrod:shore.co.il or send me a message directly at shore.co.il/spam.


My résumé is available online in the following formats:

There's also a repository that contains the original reStructuredText version and publishing pipeline.

Last thing, my public GPG public key