Nimrod Adar - נמרוד אדר - Resume (October 2020)

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Senior DevOps engineer at the Endless OS Foundation (previous Endless Mobile). Improving security practices, reducing infrastructure cost, built infrastructure for containerized services. Implemented logging and metric collection for visibility into our services. Took ownership of a metric collection service, collecting metrics from 10s of thousands of installations, reporting over a million metric points daily.


DevOps in Dojo labs. Established database migration workflow. Implemented instrumentation for backend processes. Improved logging infrastructure. Improved Git workflow. Broke a monolith application to services with Docker, deployed at scale with Kubernetes (both on-premise and cloud installations). Added a CI/CD pipeline with GitLab.


DevOps in FDNA. Migrated production and dev environments to AWS. Inherited a big Ansible code-base, added testing and a refactored. Instituted CI, CD (for some projects) and an artifact repository. Replaced unmaintained Nagios setup with a fully automated CloudWatch metrics and Lambda alerts setup.


DevOps in Wise ecommerce, in charge of reliability, automation, scaling. Helped transition the company from single physical server to AWS. Proudest moment: scaling a single process to 10,000s of requests a minute running on 10s of nodes on AWS (using Ansible and LXC).


Sysadmin in Intel Haifa, managing a cluster of ~250 SuSE Linux servers and ~80 TB of EMC and NetApp NAS appliances in production and DR replicated environments, shell and Python scripting, automation, software deployment, monitoring and growth projection.


Technical director of Haifa's Cinematheque. Setup a windows based ticketing system with PowerShell automation, new LAMP based web site with online orders, new digital projection system with Linux-based players, networking projection rooms and self built 20TB NAS based on Debian.


Volunteered as a tutor at Hadar Haifa learning center, teaching math and English.


Jr. sysadmin and help-desk in Haifa University' library. Assisted in decommissioning a Novell directory and moving to Active Directory and supported Windows and RHEL servers, networking, VMware ESX, backup and Windows Terminal Services with thin-clients.



Haifa University, majoring in CS.


Technion, majoring in MIS

Military Service


L.T. Of the Israeli Navy Commanding School, exemplary service.

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